Shalabi Effect

Shalabi effect is Anthony Seck, Alexandre St-Onge, Sam Shalabi and Will Eizlini. They are a free-improv ensemble that started by mixing classic psych rock guitar with oud, tabla, and electronics, and has evolved over the years to research the far flung exotica of experimental live music.

Shalabi effect straddles nicely it's place between drone, and the traditions that play melody and drone, to an ever larger palette of electronics, synth and laptop setups of loops and samples.

Shalabi effect has released 4 albums on alien8 recordings and 1 record on annihaya records, and has an album in the works to be released soon (2015)

Feign To Delight Gaiety of Gods (2012)

Feign To Delight Gaiety of Gods

recorded over a 2 year period starting in 2010, Feign to delight featured new instrumentations in terms of laptops and synths. This release combines material that emerged from 2studio sessions as well as some composed pieces.

With Elizabeth anka Vajagic, Dora Bleu, Louis Rastelli, Jason sharp, Josh Zubot, and Philemon Girouard as special guests both during recording and during post-production

Unfortunately (2005)

Unfortunately 2005

With material drawn from 2 performance evenings and 1 week residency at the MAI, Unfortunately explores a range of on the spot compositions as well as the best of the performances during those two evenings. Full of intense highly rhythmic sections combined with some of shalabi effect's darkest material to date, Unfortunately explores the dark psychedelic underbelly of the group's subconscious mind

Pink Abyss (2004)

Feign To Delight Gaiety of Gods

recorded in 2003 and released in 2004, Pink abyss explores shalabi effect as a "what if" of a psych improv band produced by pop composers and producers. Drawing from influence in british pagan pop, american 60's soul production, morton feldman and ragas from the carnatic music tradition, Pink Abyss is shalabi effect's most composed , "pop" offering

Trial of St-Orange (2002)

Trial of St-Orange (2002)

Recorded at the tail end of a US tour round the time of the election of dubya. We were followed by a 4 day snow-storm all the way home from Chicago, we went straight into the recording studio and recorded a snapshot from our ever evolving live set

these recordings were merged with sounds and sessions from a lazy summer improvisation from several years before,

the overall mood is a chase in the woods with sunny patches and a glow in the dark.

Shalabi Effect (2000)

Shalabi Effect (2000)

This is Vintage pre 9/11 shalabi effect. Our first double album recorded over a 2 year period.It is a "trance by 2 inch tape" album. The old struder zipped by at 30 inches per second, flawlessly recording space and warmth. This album features meticulously recorded oud, electric guitar, double bass, tabla, moog, saliva, a box full of random world instruments at the studio...

this is shalabi effect's most spacious and most "middles eastern" meets "psych-rock" modal free improv sound.

"Aural Florida" on disc one was originally recorded in 1998, with Brian Hibloom on Tibetain bowl. Dierdre Smith transformed a relatively free improvisation into the beautiful song "on the bowery" and Sophie Trudeau plays beautifully on "Mending Holes in a Woolen Heart"

131 minutes of pure glam rock from the 80's